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Old 11th September 2014
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I understand you are talking about high end gear, but is the feature you're talking about something like the "Blend" or "Mix" knob on the Mbox or other USB interfaces?

I think the trick with those entry level boxes is that the monitoring, preamps, and conversion all happen under the same hood. Thats how they can blend the sound of the input of the preamps and balance that with the output from the DAW.

In theory this could be done but don't think any high end box has this feature.

You would need to "Mult" the signal from preamps so they could reach both the Multitrack or DAW AND reach the monitor controller in order for it to blend the preamp signal with the playback. Easy enough if you only have 2 inputs but on a higher channel count rig in the 24+ range. That would be alot of extra cables and inputs

Still a good idea.