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The Tube version is much smoother and I like it a lot more.
I disagree with you kats in that with more music I think the AI would probably sound more present (therefore better) to many people.

Anyway, the stock U87 track has much nastiness of the U87 I don't like, essy, eshy, etc. The tube version might benefit from a tad more presence but I'd bet it would take EQ well and just a dab would do ya.

The thing with those tracks is that they are 'tweeners. That is, they are in-between solo vocals with no processing and vocals in a full mix.

I'd like to hear both vocals solo'd and dry.
Then maybe with the Ac but dry.
The verb adds too much of a metal-icky sound for the intended purpose IMO.

Put them up dry, without and/or with acoustic guitar, blind, and let's see who likes what or can even tell what is what....although I'd find it hard to believe the golden ears couldn't tell them apart.