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Old 5th September 2014
The switch must be moved to the "Euro" position (220-240 Volts) and the fuse should be changed to a 0.8 Amp (800 mA) if the monitor has the N.A fuse of 1.6 Amp installed.

The fuses in the line cord are usually rated for the maximum safe current that the line cord can handle (typically 5 or 6 Amps for a light-duty Euro mains cord). The speaker power supply fuses must be changed for proper protection. Be absolutely sure the switches are in the "Euro" 220-250 V. position before plugging the monitors into a wall outlet.

The internal fuse is in a pop-out holder just below the IEC power input connector. The proper 0.8 A fuse will limit the power going into the monitor to a maximum of 192 watts. The power amps in the Rokit 6 G3 are rated for 73 watts output maximum (total), so the 0.8 A. fuse rating is more than enough.

The N.A fuse won't blow on Euro power. That's the problem, It won't blow if the internal amplifiers malfunction and draw too much current. It will seem to work fine, but your monitors will not be properly protected.

In the "Euro" power setting the monitors will draw less current than in the NA setting, hence the lower-rated fuse.

You won't hurt anything, or blow any fuses running with a N.A. (1.6 A.) fuse installed, but you should change them to the proper 0.8A fuses as soon as possible for safest operation. Change the fuse and the world will be a safer place!

Be sure the IEC cord is unplugged when you change the fuse.
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