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Old 2nd September 2014
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Just re-reading this thread. Come to a bit of a full circle with plug ins, and trying to simplify. Decapitator and UBK-1 were my first plug-ins. I've been enjoying others like SDRR, Sk-Note Strip, STA, Britson, VCC etc. Also migrated to Mixbus. Now simplifying and really loving my original two as a base to work off of.

My question is, since time has passed, (and this is an older offering), how are people using this? I've been loving it on the 2 buss with very low drive (around 2) and mix around 50%. Really liking the A and N modes. Also using the N mode overdriven for sheen (a trick picked up from another thread). Maybe because this is the first plug in I felt was a piece of equipment, it holds a mystique that really sets it apart. I feel as much as I've used it, it's still like an instrument, I haven't learned how to play. Honestly it (and UBK-1), are two boxes I'd like to have analogue, (if that makes sense!). How are you using it and how is it changing your sound?