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Hey, I was wondering on what your guys opinions were on nice AD converters. I am looking for something in roughly the 2000 price range but feel free to mention anything. I am upgrading from a 002 so i'm sure anything in that price range will be a significant improvment. Thanks
You inadvertently brought up an interesting subject. As we all know the 002 converters are not the best and I would venture to call them just plan bad. So what do most people do, they add external converters. But if the 002's DA converters are just as bad as the AD's, then why not upgrade both?

A good DA converter is just as important as any AD converter because as engineers we need to hear what we are doing. The decisions that are made are based upon what our ears hear. If you don't hear accurate information you will probably make bad choices.

So I would highly suggest getting both an AD/DA unit. Then you will be able to fully appreciate what your new AD's sound like (and make better decisions). For a good AD/DA unit I suggest checking out the Apogee Rosetta 200.