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Different strokes for different folks ehheh

To my ears, the tube kit is definately more detailed with a less veiled sound. I'm having a hard time hearing the AI as "more" detailed.

What we don't hear is that the bottom extends as well - it's much more noticeable when you use it in front of a kit for eg.

But the main thing about this kit is how the mic performs under pressure. In the above example the track was with a gentle vocal. The AI performs well in this application. When pressed, the tube kit does not become strident nor do the "S"s get harsh. For me this is when the AI becomes a PITA in this regard - when pressed.

Oh someone asked about the performer. His name is Illya Torres-Garner. The name of his group is "Walk Fast". We just finished his album and it should be coming out sometime in spring. It's a very cool disc, quite unusual musical sensability for a 25 year old.