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Lives for gear
I got one last week for the sole purpose of running it on a 3GHz. Intel Mac Quad, as a virtual instrument/ sampler system. I can't use the new computer as my actual DAW until RME or somebody makes a ****ing PCIe MADI card. For now, I have to use 2 computers.

I wanted to run the 2 ADATs in and out of my digital console and be able to route 16 channels of VI's, along with the audio/MIDI/MADI from my current DAW. I use DP, and I want to use it to host the VI's. I could not get the Firestudio to clock from the WC input or the ADAT while using DP. It would only sync to it's own internal clock. If I used the mixing desk program it came with, I could get it to sync with anything, but Performer would break it again, even when running at the same time- back and forth I went - no way out.

It probably works fine with the Cubase program it came with, but I don't use Cubase.

It goes back tomorrow.