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Lookin' forward to a guest vocal spot for one of the bands I produced this year at their CD release party on New Years Eve. We'll be doing "Pigs." Think I'll leave the stage to get a beer at the bar during the bridge.

One of my favorite albums of all time. Probably my favorite by Pink Floyd. I think it sounds amazing, although I think Roger Waters' solo stuff sounds sonically better.

I think the keyboard intro to "Pigs" is my favorite keyboard sound of all time.

The vocal effects on "Sheep" are unprecidentedly awesome.

The climax of "Dogs" is one of my favorite songwriting moments of all time.

Anyways, sorry, I don't have any insights on the gear involved with the album, I just get excited when I talk about Animals. Maybe I shoulda been a vet?

P.S. Interesting, I always thought Roger played his P-Bass on "Animals." Kinda sounds like it. Learn something new every day!