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Yeah great album, big favorite of mine. There is so much stuff going on I get something new every time.

I have a great article from Studio sound c.1977 that talks a lot about the Floyds "new" studio.

Basically they were tired of clock watching at abbey road, (and having other acts use the studios while they toured etc.) so they purchased a small building in islington, london (britannia row)

half of it was used for storing their live rig and the other half was converted into a small rather austere (strip lights and brick, no hippy vibe here) studio.

as they were a bit short of money at the time (having made some bad investments and still waiting for the DSOTM money to really come in) they could not afford a Neve.

they ended up with a bundle deal from MCI (a series 500) and a Stephens tape machine. Also to be different they got dbx rather than dolby NR. This they later regretted as no one else had it so there tapes weren't much good elsewhere.
Other items included some JBL monitors (yuch) and a few 1176. er thats about it!

The engineer was brian humpries who also did live sound for them (he did Wish you were here too) I have asked about him for many years and no one knows what happened to him after the early 1980's. So he either retired or passed on. he is one man i would love to share a bottle of fine wine and chat to as he did my too favorite floyd albums.

The only other thing was that they waited to see if sales went well before doing a quad mix. And we still wait........

There were mild rumours of an SACD reissue but that's all gone quiet now and I guess "the wall" and "Wish you were here" would come first.

As you can tell, I only have a passing interest in Pink Floyd