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Old 19th August 2014
Here for the gear
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Hi, i would try to record the same material two times.

1. Presonus
2. LA 610 and Presonus

Use EQ with taste and light Compression while recording with your LA 610

Now compare both will like option 2.

After editing your perfect take, you can route your vocals again through your LA 610 (again EQ/Comp) for shaping....

This way, you should do fine.

I had great results with my LA 610 on Vox,Sax... but you have to TRY!
Nowadays i use a Digidesign 192 for A/D D/A
BUT with patience i also had great results with a LA 610 and my old M-Audio Fasttrack Pro !!! Do not care to much about converters. TRY and LISTEN!

Good Luck