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Old 15th August 2014
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So I just got my Integra 7 a few days ago and last night I downloaded the editor (v2) for mac. Just for the record; I am running OS X 9 and Ableton Live 9 64-bit.

The AU version of the editor does not work in Ableton Live; as far as I can tell the only DAW it works in is Logic X :( I haven't tested it as I don't want to use 2 DAWs but not having the editor working in any other AU host other than Logic X is a bummer...

Of course, Ableton Live doesn't understand VST3 and this is Ableton's fault, but just a heads up for anyone else contemplating running the AU version in Live... Live seems to think its not valid as it doesn't even show up in the plugin overview (and yes, I've tried rescanning etc. etc.)... sucks