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Here for the gear
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Break open the drum box

Originally Posted by fiddlestickz ➡️
replicating that tone you hear when tripping on DMT is moving towards the future imo...

that sound is friggin awesome like no other..!!!
I experienced a ringing/humming sound with intense writhing braided/fractal rainbow visuals, coupled with the distinct belief I was going to die.

Originally Posted by Pichi ➡️
As long as electronic musicians are relying on machines and code to do their work for them (quantized beatz, arpeggios, cut 'n paste loops) I don't think we can expect a wave of innovative music anytime soon. The quantized/loop sound has pretty much been played out over the last 30 years.
And I haven't heard anyone going as far as Zappa did with programming music (Civilization Phaze III) ... and that was 20 years ago. Most seem to be content to go round and round in circles with their loops.
I agree with you so far as hardware drum machines and sequencers go, they are all locked into the 16 step pattern, but on a computer you can do anything you feel like really, if you develop the skill. I have no developed ability, but my friend is deep into Max MSP and the rhythms he generates with it are crazy. If you refer to the post I put up just before this one you can hear an audio example, Max MSP programs are triggering an NI Maschine.

Also, drum machines are getting more advanced. Machinedrum can be moulded into some pretty interesting and messed up things with a bit of time and effort. It's all about using the tools you have available to you, but in a way they weren't intended to be used.

I really think hardware companies should be on the front foot and producing drum machines that can make crazy rhythms and sounds. Machinedrum is fairly limited as far as I am concerned, it is good and fun but it is still a bit of a toy. I'm interested in trying the Spektralis.