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Old 12th August 2014
what you will find is that humanity has always flitted from one thing to the next but music's importance has been a constant, it just changes a bit.

once we sat around fires and sang songs and beat drums. once we went to cathedrals and concert halls and listened to choirs and orchestras. once we found joy in ballroom and square dancing. and so on and on...

here is a pic I took this morning or my living room. we've just moved in so I don't have any of the art up or even the cassette or record player connected yet, but as you can see a stereo is very prominently featured.

and this is by no means anything "audiophile", it's a Sony system with JBL speakers and an AirportExpress to stream iTunes/Spotify but that's my living room (and Steve the cat)

now sure, in comparison there are few people who have the all-consuming interest in music which I (and I suspect many here) posses, but that is how it has always been. graphic art (in the fine art sense) used to be a major cultural force and it is no longer but that doesn't mean that people don't still paint and have gallery showings and that the average person doesn't appreciate art. it's just a temporary shift of focus and relevance. these days the masses, at least in the United States seem mostly occupied with television series, but that also isn't any different from history as these are just our new campfire stories.

on an almost daily basis I have co-workers talking about music with me, discussing things old and new that they've come across and would like to share. it's great that people now have the opportunity to buy/download music ala carte but that doesn't mean that people still aren't listening to albums. there's also the DJ mix which recontextualizes the idea of the single vs the album and with the growing popularity of "EDM" I imagine that is a thing of consideration.

as for my personal listening habits, I've always been a fan of the album. I like how one song moves into another and having that overarching picture and feeling of a complete work but I also enjoy just letting iTunes Genius or a steaming services such as Last.FM or Spotify's radio service pick for me songs which are related to whatever it is I'm in the mood for. then there are the times when I'm stuck in my car and I always either have NPR or the local college radio going, or as with late in the evening or early mornings perhaps I take the time to listen to a Podcast.

but this morning I just discovered that To Rococo Rot have a new album and it's making for a nice start to this day.