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A bit off topic, but hows the Omnisphere stands against the Integra 7 ?
Well, for starters, Eric Persing, the creator of Omnisphere, was previously Chief Sound Designer at Roland. Read this.

The sound quality of Omnisphere is simply phenomenal, and is as good or better than anything you can get out of the Integra.

That being said, they are two very different instruments.

The Integra excels in it's collection of "bread and butter" sounds - acoustic pianos, electric pianos, guitars, strings, organs, drums, brass, woodwinds, etc. It also has tons of synth leads, synth pads, sound effects, and virtually every other sound you could possibly want, ever. It is a Swiss Army Knife of synthesizers - the ultimate rompler with a VA synth thrown in.

Omnisphere, on the other hand, has very few "bread and butter" sounds, except for a ton of string pads, some guitars, bells, and a couple of other things. Any pianos, EPs, or organs you will find in Omnisphere are mostly strange and unusual characterizations. It is full of synthesizer-type sounds - countless leads and pads, although they tend toward the unusual. You won't find 50 different synth brass sounds for use in 80's pop tunes. There are no drum kits in Omnisphere.

Omnisphere assumes that the user either already has, or doesn't want, all of the standard rompler fare. It is easily my favorite software instrument.