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Yes. As a fellow 3000 owner, I can tell you that it is BEYOND worth it, simply for the reason of putting your mind at ease. You will never have to worry about zip disks failing ever again.

Here's what I do: I sample/make my beat like normal on the 3000. Then, after I'm done and it's all tracked out, I drop my card into my usb connector on my macbook, backup the beat into my beat folder, and then I'm done.

Think of it this way, you will never have to worry about losing files, and everything will be backed up onto your computer. Also, you can keep the exact same work flow that you have now, it just makes it easier and brings your MPC into the 21st century.
Do you turn off you MPC before taking out the Card! I just got the Monster Extenal CF reader and I cannot get it to work with any CF Cards. I tried a 128mb and a 1 gig. The MPC recognized both cards, partitioned both cards into 30 Mb but failed to format them. Any suggestions?