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I don't know about Sampletank 3 but I always found v2 to be... lackluster. So... this doesn't mean Sampletank 3 is a dud, but I just went though it's demo tracks and... they did nothing for me. Switched to the Integra 7 demo tracks... definitely sounds better to me. There's no doubt about it. I will admit that I'm a fan of the Roland ROMpler sound though.

However, as I said earlier this week in another Roland ROMpler thread, ROMplers shed value very quickly. Soon there will be an Integra 8 and we'll see 7s going for $800 on eBay. When the 9 is released they'll be selling for $500. Seems like you can already buy used ones $500 less than retail on eBay... which is still as much as it would cost you to buy a computer, MIDI controller and Sampletank, or the ROMpler software of your choice.

What ROMpler should that be? Good question. I think the best is Kontakt, though to be fair you can import any of your own samples so it's not quite the same as saying it's a ROMpler but it does comes with a pretty big content library. More ROMpler like, Cakewalk's Dimension Pro is cheap as chips and I always thought it reminded me of the Roland ROMplers. Omnisphere is amazing too, but it's not focused on natural acoustic instruments. But do a search and listen to a lot of demos.