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Old 7th August 2014
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Thank you very much for this beautiful thread and conclusion.
For me, there are a lot of things to learn from this thread.
On the technical side, theorical side, on a practical side, but also on a "taste, subjective" side. What's works for you, won't work for another. The truth is not not the same for each one.
It's funny for instance that Ivo Sedlacek who made also a big thread on loudspeakers, swapped from Geithain 801K to Quested V3110.
Luckily from the same mix, you could make 10 differents mixes by 10 differents mixers (mixing also on 10 different speakers) and they could all sound good.
There are not best loudspeakers but loudspeakers that fits to each one, in its own room....
Good luck for everybody to find the right ones!