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Here for the gear

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But concentration has undoubtedly been fractured, meaning that deep immersion in a concept album or symphony has been compromised by our relentless need for multiple sources of stimulation. Put on a John Zorn album...
I think you nailed it. I think people as a species are a process of running through and testing all available options. I think it takes the process of bigots to understand the failures of bigotry, it takes the process of laziness to understand the failures of laziness. These failures are necessary, because the virtues become all the more vivid. The failures are the soil of the virtue. The subconscious failings made perfectly vivid to the creative mind. It takes the experimentation with bad music to make good music. The reason people choose ****ty options music wise is because they finally have the option. We're collectively running through the pluses and minuses of the new option with our lives. Every sin so called must be vividly lived to be transcended. A person will eventually become nauseous at the fireworks of insane stimulation. Like a, **** I don't know, a gluttony of sound will eventually fold back on to silence. But there's a weird sense in people though now, that essential challenges are some how dark and apocalyptic. No. The struggle has never changed, except on a superficial level. The same virtues remain. Thoughtfulness. Lack of vanity. A sense of history. Humor. Individuality. Real feeling. Nothing has really changed in terms of the essentials. No one is below there heroes, by whatever technical
degree, if they have the purity of intent. The beauty is not the technical brilliance, it's easier and more difficult, it's the purity of intent.