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Here for the gear
I think maybe there was a purity of intent with some of the original electronic music people partly because the fashion or crowd element wasn't really there. If you're pioneering something with any significant level of dedication it's pretty much default that you're going to think about it and really feel it and feel for it. You're likely doing it cause it excites you in a way meaningful enough to dedicate a good part of your life and psychic emotional landscape to it, not because you're being swept up by the crowd or promises of fame and fortune or sex, because those connections haven't been well established. If it's been around a good while and it's even kind of trendy in a way, on the whole percentage wise there's probably gonna be less of a long view or an inclination to daydream of possibilities or secret meaning and more of an inclination to ride a fun though relatively superficial, thriving present status quo. The initial fringe exploratory element eventually gives way to a well defined establishment and yet another option for belonging to a relatively comfortable and static enterprise.

And maybe it was more about the future then cause it was very much the future, if not in the romantic or intellectual sense, certainly in the practical, as most popular music now incorporates electronic elements to one degree or the other. So in that sense maybe it's not about the future anymore cause it's become the present.