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I have only the Abacus Cbox 2 and not the other models of the brand. Dan Suter selected only these models from Abacus and told me it's their best achievement.The Cbox 2 are the smaller one and they are not supposed to be mains. I use it as a second system along with PSI A21 and sub. For me they are fantastic speakers for their price (I prefer it for working over small Adam, small Quested, even over Geithain RL906) and yes because of their size as you guess they have limitations. Present bass but unaccurate bass, limited SPL but enough for me and a room of 15m2.
They work fine in duo with the PSI A21

I will soom demo the Amphion One18 but, I don't expect to compare the Amphion and Cbox2 simply due to the size.
Expect to compare the one18's to the A21m's.