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Seems to me instinctively can't result in something I'd think of as 'natural' Hjelmevold is suggesting, some deeper trickery. Not too keen on that.

Feeling more and more drawn to simple but effective passive speakers. No bending of reality, just cooking up a decent, tasty recipe with a couple of good quality ingredients. Like the speaker equivalent of great tasting pea soup. Good, honest, superbly tasty pea soup with bacon. No more complicated recipes.
no trickery at all. pretty simple designs and they don't make secrets out of it. the founder is a nice guy and willingly explains his designs. the speakers have their color. but that is more dud to the chassis used and not the design itself. not too natural but still very capable working tools. which mostly relies on their amplifier which is really first class super controlling and not colouring at all. tested the abacus amp with the amphions and that was a pretty good match. probably the best possible match for them. their APC indeed has the proclaimed bandwidth and phase accuracy and is pretty impressive. the design is not secret either. but it is not working too well in a control room for it is very sensitive to placement and furniture or Mixing desks in its way.