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Here for the gear

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Thanks for the detailed response Kaz - lots of good info there.

I'm coming to the conclusion that I'll actually need two FZs to solve the workflow issue I outlined above, one with a working floppy drive to convert old sample diskettes to .fzf files, and one with the HxC emulator as my actual music making device.

The thing I really love about my Virostek upgraded DSS-1 is that it takes SD cards and 3.5 floppy disks - so it's the best of both worlds in that sense.
To backup your floppies you can :

- Connect both HxC and Floppy drive on the FZ1 and activate one drive or the other with a switch on the floppy ribbon.


- Connect the FZ1 drive on a PC and read the disk with the HxC software


- Use a floppy dump board on a PC with any floppy drive


- Send me the disk. i will make the images for you.

FZ-1 whole story support can be read there :