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brother google the translator said that these speakers might be a bad choice for me, apparently. i'm leaning towards the geithains anyway (haven't heard them either so still based on this or similar threads and pro magazine reviews).

the one15 could be an interesting choice too. for the price of the 906 could buy them and better then needed power amp (i guess) but i always preferred active monitors. not just that, the geithains are also co-axial.! shall see... need to hear them too, of course.
Yep, you don't just need to hear them, you need to work on them. Then you'll know what they feel like as tools. And some of the impressions in this thread may look recognizable then, and some likely won't as you find your own truth.

Not really looking to preach that to you specifically, but felt it was a good thing to post that right about now, as the vibe of the thread is turning into a little hype-ish assumptions vibe around the edges......try the tools, chaps.