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Figured I'd chime in with my BeesNeez customer service/support experience...

I've had two separate dealings with Ben and Veronica... The first was to overhaul and repair an un-warrantied Judas Tube mic I had purchased off of eBay. Communication was somewhat sporadic and the repair work did take a bit longer than expected, but as swafford aptly put it: that's the price of doing business with humans who run a small company. The situation was never "uncomfortable"; I never once got the impression that I was getting the cold shoulder... To me, it was clear from our communications that there is integrity for miles over at the beehive.

...which segues nicely into the benefits of doing business with a small company. From the outset Ben refused to take any money for the repair work -- clearly not the support mantra of most corporate "bean counters." I wasn't the original owner; hadn't paid into the company in any capacity -- just some schlep with a second-hand mic. Doing that sort of work for free, to me, speaks volumes about the pride Ben takes in his products and his willingness to stand behind them even when it's not financially advantageous. (Granted I wouldn't imagine this sort of thing is indefinitely sustainable as the company grows.... they do have mouths to feed after all!)

...Second encounter was a random request to see if he might be able to upgrade another microphone of mine -- an entry-level tube mic from a different boutique-y manufacturer. Ben was familiar with the microphone and figured capsule and tube swaps would nudge it in the direction I wanted. This time around communication was timely and the work was done in a very reasonable amount of time. Pricing was phenomenal, and I was very happy with the end result.

In short, I'm a fan.