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I've always had pleasant experiences communicating with Ben and Victoria on either repairs or purchases. They are obviously a small shop facing great challenges both professionally and personally and I always take that into consideration when contacting them and expecting reply. Sometimes they are fast and on point, sometimes they seem distracted and sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get someones full attention. As far as I'm concerned, that's the price of doing business with humans who run a small company and I take the same tact whether it's Beesneez, Pendulum, Metric Halo or Allen Amps. I like to feel my gear manufacturers are as invested in their product and it's end users as I am and Ben and Victoria have always made me feel that way. Doesn't mean they don't fvck up, we all do. We are humans.

Quite frankly, Ben and Victoria seem like the kind of folks I like to have a drink with (or share some pie and coffee!) and most of the others I've dealt with and moved on from I just felt like punching… hard. Maybe that's a Cincinnati thing.
Hi there, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Your post is as awakening as it is true! As an all made in house type manufacturer, we make our best efforts to keep in communication with every customer email that comes in. In saying this; we at time bite off more than we can chew and simply run out of hours each day when trying to get it all done. Add to that 4 kids, one of which is not too well and you get the ingredients of a very busy life!

Most small manufacturers really do try as hard as they can to please everyone, not many though succeed.

For every 300 or so customers, we seem to fall short once or twice. Not bad when you look at percentages but really; more than we like to see!

What's the answer? Keep trying to be everything to all people!