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Here for the gear

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I've had it for 3 years. Now it stops working every 10 minutes while the power supply is OK. I phoned 2 distributors and mailed Hear technologies 2 times. Got no answers. Session with 5 studio musicians failed. Such an important piece of gear but you can not rely on it nor on it's support.

Don't read any further: support is great if you know the right guy and tornados stay away.

I did the mod and it is working now for more than a year!! Thanx

1- Remove the top of the unit. You should position the hub with the front faceplate towards you.
2- Locate the attachment “hub jumper” and note a PURPLE wire that goes from the power supply over to a trace
on the main board.
3- Look at attachment “R20 Connection”. This is on the supply, just in front of the RED wire coming f the 8-pin
connector. R20 is brown in color, with the body of the resistor to the LEFT, and a loop of wire going back into the
supply board on the RIGHT.
4- Tack-solder a 3” or so wire to the top of the wire loop on R20. DO NOT SHORT THIS TO ANY OTHER
COMPONENTS!!! The caps and small inductor near the resistor can be gently pushed a bit out of the way.
5- See attachment “main bd conn”. With an exacto knife or similar tool, scrape back about 1?2 “ of conformal
MULTIPIN CONNECTOR. You can use a meter to ohm out this point just to make sure.
6- Tack-solder the other end of the wire to the trace. Make sure it does not short to the trace to the left of it.
7- Plug up the AC cord, STAY AWAY FROM THE SUPPLY and apply power. The clock LED should come on green with
the unit in analog mode.
8- Unplug from the wall, replace the top.
9- Have a cup of coffee or a beer........job well done!

I have this problem on my hub hear back please let me help you with some sample photos are not an electrician thank you in advance
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