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Thanks for the excellent replies. I guess I had been a bit worried that the Burl wouldn't do transients because most Burl tracks I have heard are quite (intentionally) rounded and saturated. Nice to know I can get the depth, width, and low end without losing anything. What kind of levels keep it clean and detailed?

Anyway, this thread did give me an excuse NOT to get another Fatso. I love that piece, and I know how to do work with it well. Perhaps multiple units aren't necessary.
Right. You can always print things too.

The Burl is a nicer AD and DA because of the very real but not over the top transformer coloration, both ways. Depth (distortion) and low end (bump/distortion) are the result of a mono transformer chain. Width ... is the result of the non linearity created by many transformers ... on either side of the center line.

It's never clean, compared to a ULN-8 or similar, but it's not a crazy amount of color for normal levels. I've not heard the result of cranking a signal into it, or out of it, I would expect something less than ideal for most things ... you have so many cool color plugs and hardware out there to choose from.