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Old 18th July 2014
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If GS had a rule that people couldn't post unless they had hands-on experience with the specific topic, I'd venture to say there'd be a 95% reduction in posts. Of the above, how many of you own and use a MS? Not the Bomber, but the MS the OP just bought and is asking about. Let's help the guy, already.

The MS will "do transients" as well as any other high-end converter. It sounds ridiculously musical and people DO notice how good it sounds- even non-musicians will comment on the great tones. It is very particular to how hard you hit the A-D. When tracking, this is a tremendous advantage and tool to use. The tone/transients will change as you get closer to zero, and you cannot make it sound bad, even when your drummer goes nuts in the last chorus and you're unprepared, with the meters in steady-red. The MS has yet to let me down once in a live session. For mixdown, I generally mix to tape then to a DSD recorder so levels aren't an issue. If i'm moving fast and mixing back into the MS I do have to be very aware of my levels if I want the mix to remain "open". I generally stay below -12db. I then raise up the level in my 2-track editor. Easy.

To the OP, enjoy both the MS and UBk's brilliant Fatty. You'll find the balance between them that's musical for you. No worries, the MS will not let you down.
Have fun,