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One more thing to know : how do you connect it ? With a midi->usb connected in one channel or a dual midi->usb connected with left and right channel

If it's the "mono setting", which channel do you use ? Input or output ? Left or right ?

I've to order the cable ^^

To get the most out of it - e.g. Push / fetch and Real-Time editing, you will need to connect BOTH MIDI outputs

Here is my setup from my Edirol Audio Interface which has MIDI Out and Midi In

Interface MIDI Out -> Big Sky MIDI In
Big Sky MIDI Out -> Interface MIDI In

This allows the app to correctly identify the pedal and both send and receive.

The User Guide that comes with the download has pretty comprehensive instructions on how to setup MIDI options in the Editors application, but here's a quick checklist:-

1. In the Big Sky Globals menu note the MIDI channel number : MIDICH
2. In the Big Sky Globals menu ensure that CC (continuous controller) changes are set to ON : MIDICT
3. In the Big Sky Globals menu ensure that PC (program change) changes are set to ON : MIDIPA

4. In the application, open the MIDI setup form and set MIDI In and Out as per your MIDI USB device

5. Ensure that the Big Sky (if that is the only Strymon you have) is set to the MIDI channel you set up in step 1.

Leave the other settings as default - they are only used if the MIDI interface has problems connecting.