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Old 13th July 2014
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RND MBP, Dangerous compressor or Titan's for mix buss?

Trying to choose a final mixbuss compressor for fast electronic music. Looking for something pretty clean that will preserve all the transient info and not soften anything.
Looking between a Rupert Neve Master Buss processor, a Dangerous Compressor, 2x Dave Hill titans or 2x Trakkers. I have demo'd the RND MBP but I didn't really have enough time to learn it fully. I like the compression but the limiter was a little useless for what I do and the mid/ side eq was easy to go overboard on. My Mid/side comp was broken s I couldn't try that.

I like the look of the Titan's - and the price - but I'm not sure about them on the mixbuss, and they have no sidechain filter to cope with a lot of subbass.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.