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Old 9th July 2014
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Just got an as new Integra in a trade last night.

First impressions are of course great. While I traded some nice things away I really needed something like this in my studio (i have tons of vintage, new analog and modular and weird stuff) and didnt want to bother with software or a gigantic rompler stage keyboard with a bunch of workstation features ill never use.

Interesting trade. A guy locally here in Canada that buys, sells, trades a lot of things but only local doesnt like buying online has been coveting my Waldorf Microwave 1 and Microwave 2 racks for awhile. I knew he had an Integra that he was trying to trade but always resisted trading my Microwaves because I do like them. Especially the 2. But he offered me a trade i couldnt resist.

Im not sure whether it was a really good trade or not but am honestly enjoying what i got back and hes finally got my Microwaves and is over the moon. Ill definitely be rebuying a Microwave 2 or XT soon. Not sure about the 1. They are so expensive now.

Trade was

Integra 7 as new with ipad kit.

Blue Waldorf Micro Q keyboard nice shape.

Boss SE-70 and Boss SE-50.

For my Microwave 1 and Microwave 2 racks.

Im actually enjoying the Micro Q keyboard as well. A Q rack was one of my first synths and I kind of missed it sometimes missed it. The Micro keyboard is laid out well and fun to play.

But definitely will get another Microwave in the house soon. Already using the ipad editor for the integra, will use the PC one soon but man it is drab. The ipad is more fun.