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Shed Studio

I recently purchased a house that has a shed in the back yard which I am turning into a 1 room project studio. Here is a brief introduction to the project, some pictures, and a few questions.

The shed is 11.5' by 13.5' with a slightly vaulted ceiling which comes to a point slightly off center (The ceiling is a square while the walls are offset by a 2 foot porch making the walls a rectangle)

I have had electricity installed. I asked to have 3 or 4 separate 20 amp circuits installed. The electrician went a little overboard (which is fine by me) and put in six 20 amp circuits and one 220 volt circuit. The lights are connected to their own circuit and they put in the 220 volt line for a AC/Heat unit.

We put in 2 overhead lights and 2 track lights that face the desk wall and the back wall. I wasn't too keen on the overhead lights initially as I thought they would be too bright and kill the mood. I have found that the track lighting provides enough light for the space, so that the overheads won't need to be used when the mood needs to be more creative. I also had a porch light installed.

The electrician said that it would be much more energy efficient to use a 220 volt ac/heat unit, but everything I read online said this may not be the case. Any thoughts on this?

I live in Columbus, Oh were the summers can get pretty hot 80s-90s F and the winters pretty cold 0-10 F.

I was initially hoping to install a mini-split ductless AC/Heat system mostly because they look like the quietest option. After researching it for a while I have decided to go a cheaper and easier route of a portable AC unit and a base board heater with the possibility of upgrading in the future if the cheap/easy way wasn't good enough. I initially thought the ductless system was a DIY install, and I found some as cheap as $800-1,200 online. I found out that you really need a pro HVAC to help with the install, and none of them would install a unit I purchased myself. They provide the unit and the install and quotes ranged from 3,000-5,000 for this. I thought about finding a friend of a friend HVAC guy to help install one I purchase myself, but decided to forget about it for now and worry about the building/acoustics FIRST. (the important stuff right?) Also, I was told by the HVAC guys that the Heat Pumps only really work down to a certain temp, and they would recommend having a base board heater to compliment it.

My current plan is as follows... Vapor barrier the walls/ceiling, r13 insulation, then drywall. Has anyone used the "quiet" drywall?. It seems like much less of a hassle than actually double drywalling.

After drywall, I am planning on covering the walls and ceiling with Tectum I am still figuring how much this would cost to get enough to cover the space. There is a Tectum plant near Columbus that has a throw away pile which I have pulled from before. You can take as much as you need, but the weight and thickness is all different. they are mostly 2'x4' panels. This could be an option if the Tectum is too much to buy legit.

After the Tectum, then add more sound treatment as necessary... bass traps, diffusion, and possibly a whole final layer of fabric stretched across a frame for aesthetics. Another idea is heavy curtains (especially over back window).

Any thoughts on using the 220 volt circuit for AC or Heat?

Any experience with "quiet drywall" like quiet rock?

The whole shed sits about 1 foot off the ground (sort of on stilts). The floor of the shed is actually some nice wood, so I would hate to cover it by doing a floating floor. I am thinking I will fill the underside of the shed most of the way up with sand. Any ideas here?

Any ideas or thoughts about any of the ideas I have stated here... such as.. YOU IDIOT, YOU ARE PLANNING TO DO WHATT!?!?!?! Much appreciated!

Thanks for reading! I know its a small project, but still a lot of work to do! I will update as soon as I make more progress.
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