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I feel your pain.. its is very hard to learn a new DAW.. i trialed Reaper and spent many days in "wtf" land!..
Reaper was my first DAW and my entry to the world around. V3.6 so my mind by now function/speaks that 'language'. The biggest problem so far is trying to lose that mindset and get a grip on the Sonar way of 'speaking' to speak. At least this time I have an understanding of some of the engineering/technical concepts I lacked the first time where I had to learn them and Reaper together.

I think once I get the whats and wheres down I might even like it. Ill put in a couple hours a day with it and work it in as I go. It's not like I 'have' to learn it immediately, fortunately. I'd be pulling my hair out.

BTW: Thanks for the help on the keys. It is very much appreciated.