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Really - do I need to bring up stuff like the embarrassingly bad toolbar which is nowhere near as functional as the one in 8.5? On top of that it can't be re-sized? Put too many icons on the toolbar and it disappears off screen. They screwed that up right from X1. They're up to X3 and still haven't figured out how to fix the mess they made of the toolbar. Laughable.
When I was considering moving over to the PC from Logic on the Mac, I took a look at Sonar. That toolbar in pre-X versions of Sonar was so crammed with inscrutable icons that it was almost unusable for me. THAT was laughable. Sonar X hugely improves the usability of the program, IMO.

I ended up going to with Cubase and have been reasonably happy. However, I am keeping an eye on Studio One as it hopefully adds notation, drum editing, etc. features.