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I feel your pain.. its is very hard to learn a new DAW.. i trialed Reaper and spent many days in "wtf" land!..

two ways..

1. in the main view, to the left of the ruler is a drop down menu, select i/o to see midi in & out options. easiest when assigning multiple tracks

2. use the track inspector, the vertical window on (typically) the left.. use kb shortcut "i" to open, and i/o is in the bottom left...easiest when focusing on one track

and 3. strongly suggest joining the cakewalk forum. they are a very helpful bunch over there.

oh, and 4. if you are on one screen, and particularly on a laptop, learn how to use and setup screensets... they are invaluable.


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I can't even figure out how to put different keyboard/midi controllers on different tracks once getting Sonar to see them in Prefs.

Well, I brought it on myself. Gonna fight through it.