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There are PLENTY of full time professionals and studios that use Sonar.. so your statement is both condescending and insulting...not to mention incorrect, unfactual and therefore just plain wrong.

Why you even started on this path, recommending 8.5.3 given that it WONT RUN THE INTEGRA EDITOR is beyond me....

I get it, you are one of those flat earth folks that think 8.5.3 was the second coming of the prophet of your choice, but having used that fabled icon of a DAW let me tell you... it sucked...

If Sonar x3 is not for you then fine, but for its price and capabilities its value for money is second to none, other than the far cheaper Reaper.

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Not really. Just depends what you need. If you need a professional product, Sonar X1, X2, or X3 sadly falls very short. For everyone else, I'm sure it's fine.

Meanwhile I thought the quality dropped when it went from Pro Audio to Sonar. I had no idea how badly Cakewalk could fall.

They used to have a quality product with an amazing workflow. Unfortunately if you have deadlines, look elsewhere.

This is coming from someone who's been using the program since it was Cakewalk 5 when it was just midi. Back when they had "The Scream" for the panic button.

Like I said - it's fine for most people, but for professionals with a deadline, sadly Sonar is a joke.

Really - do I need to bring up stuff like the embarrassingly bad toolbar which is nowhere near as functional as the one in 8.5? On top of that it can't be re-sized? Put too many icons on the toolbar and it disappears off screen. They screwed that up right from X1. They're up to X3 and still haven't figured out how to fix the mess they made of the toolbar. Laughable.

Long standing bugs that never get fixed. Go ahead, put an external insert on a bus. Now solo the bus and watch all your audio go mute. That bug's been around since the stone age. They'll never fix that.

Embarrassingly bad decisions like getting rid of the phase buttons and the stereo interleave buttons from every track. Used to be that you could look at your tracks and in a glance know which were stereo and which were mono. Plenty of times I have stereo tracks switched to mono. It's a real pain now to figure out what's what. Not to mention the phase buttons. God forbid you have an easy way to see which tracks you've changed the phase on. That made this grievous error when they moved to Sonar X1. They're up to X3 and they still haven't figured out how to fix what they broke. I can almost guarantee that's because none of the programmers at Cakewalk work in music at a professional level. That's why they have no idea how to give people who do, the right tools.

They're going backwards, and in a bad way.

This is all moot since Cakewalk's been purchased by Gibson. Gibson is where brands go to die.