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Hi ED,

Oh I am not liking this Sonar madness already. Sonar ain't Reaper by a long shot. Granted it's a case of new program 'WTF is going on here' confusion but man...I hope Justin gets VST3 and Aria into Reaper soon. This is gonna be far from an easy 'adoption'.

No VST2 was boneheaded as hell. No doubt.
You should try to get Sonar 8.5. That was the last professional version. All the X versions (X1, X2, X3) are so bad that it comes off like Cakewalk wants Sonar to fail. Each version they cripple it more and make it less of a professional product. I wish I could be more positive but if you find Sonar maddening now, trust me, it'll only get worse.

Sonar is coded by people who have never worked a professional day in their lives in a recording studio.

If I could learn how to use Cubase fast enough I'd jump ship but I just don't have the time at the moment.