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The exercise of 'simply' swapping chips and expecting significant improvement is futile as in many cases the problems are deeper than that. I believe the channels are not too dissimilar to the 800 modules and they suffer from pretty bad 'crosstalk' between signals pre fader and post fader (on the same strip of course) and this will severely impact on the performance. I went through an exercise on an a couple of 800s and produced 4 'variants' of 'upgrade'. The 'fancy' 5 and 6 Dollars apiece chips did not fare well and the 'best' sounding variant ended up using a new chip in the mic amp, another in the EQ and most significantly, some track rework. I also got rid of the 'hum' which can be induced into these desks without resorting to an extra 100 metres of earth wire.
Matt S