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Old 7th June 2014
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I feel the same way too. I still use my DMM2 for offline analysis just because I still have it (and maybe out of a paranoid sense of backup), but Insight has replaced it for all of my in-session needs.

On top of that though I found the overall quality of all the RX suites are better in RX3 vs RX2. Some like the DeClipper I find are much much better, others like the DeNoiser I find are just slightly an improvement, but still, any improvement is good. The new Dialogue DeNoiser is interesting, and the only module I haven't played with a ton because I haven't had great results with it is the DeReverb. Maybe I need to mess with it more, or maybe looking for pristine results from a DeReverb plug is asking for the moon. Overall Izotope's RX line remains some of the best money I've spent for post plugins, and adding Insight to the Advanced package was a nice icing to the cake (this is the first time where I've thought that the Advanced bundle was worth the price separation from the Basic bundle)