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Although I can relate with the lack of interest in much of MIO's routing options & depth..
The good folks at MH got me in business w/ 2 templates (tracking & mixing) in 20 minutes or so. Other than the channel inserts, I never really mess around too much otherwise.

It's also good to know the options are there should they be needed.
The product & the people are just 1st rate.
I agree. they were really nice and helpful even though I was so pissed off when I emailed/called them I'm sure it was hard. you know, it needs to be said that "easy to use" is subjective. for most people, a jet isn't easy to operate and it really can't be. shouldn't be. but if you are a pilot then the "ease of use" in regards to jets is relative.

I'm sure to most of you, the moi console was "easy." It makes something that can never really be simple, RELATIVELY simple. I'm not a jet pilot so for me it was just to much. I want something that sounds professional but it easy to use. it's looking like that's going to be a symphony.

what the symphony Nay-sayers are calling a "lack of options" will still probably be to extensive for me. I just concerned with preamps, latency, and conversion.