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I'm particularly interested in the "Rotation" part. Could it be used to gain more level and perceived loudness from a client's file in mastering, without any audible artefacts?
For a mixed piece of music I really doubt it'd add much, because there are so many different elements competing for the headroom within the piece. RX3 is a tool much better suited to fixing problems at the source, not after they're mixed.

If i recall correctly, I saw some feature on a website where a Radiohead (I think, but could be wrong) album was mixed to be loud, and they used tricks like phase rotation to ensure maximum loudness without limiting before it got sent to mastering. I can't find the link right now, but I guess it is a strategy to ensure something is properly in your face. (This is a post production forum, so don't expect too many replies that are music-oriented like you asked).