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I was very disappointed that my UFX can't handle AES and SPDIF simultaneously. I'd like to be able to record my Kemper through SPDIF while recording vocals into my Burl B2 through AES, for example.

I'm thinking of downgrading to the UCX, the manual says that the optical and coax SPDIF can be used simultaneously. Can someone please confirm that they've done this and it works?

My other option might be to get an RME ADI-4 DD or an ADI-192 DD and connect them to the UFX through ADAT. Are there any other less expensive but high-quality options? By the way, I'm on a Windows PC, not a Mac.
From my understanding, the UCX in fact CAN do both simultaneously.

The only downfall I've ever experienced with my UFX is this exact issue, which I didn't know existed until I tried it.

There are a few ways to convert ADAT to AES, and I would do that before getting a UCX. UCX is great, but the DURec is an absolute necessity for me on my UFX and I wouldn't trade it for any interface that's currently being produced personally.

Since these are hardware limitations, they have no difference whether mac/pc.