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I would vote for the forerunner to Pacific Research, which was called Pacific Recorders. Nice sounding analogue consoles, built like tanks..
Yes they are. GREAT! I have full system at home... Pacific Recorders&Engineering PMX-28 (biggest frame, their best analog console) plus digital section on the right of it, fully automatized, with digital EQs, routing options and control for ADX-8, their built-like-tank HD recording/editing system!!! Offcourse, I own ADX, too... It really rocks, weights a ton and sounds great! So, together they make really rare and interesting system that sounds great, very big and punchy, pretty like our SSL in the studio... So, you just can not miss buying PRE... American Rolls.


P.S. I wrote Pacific Research in previous post, but was thinking of the beast I have at home- Pacific Recorders & Engineering.