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Not anymore, at least for a number of models. Brauner makes their own capsules now, with a glued on membrane instead of the type clamped under a ring with screws. See my post here:
I've read the discussion you linked. Brauner was quoted with:
"We are now utilising a capsule sealing and protection ring instead of the one we had with the screws. This helps for an even longer resistance against moisture as people today use their microphones very intensively also in situations of close proximity."

I cannot understand this like saying, Brauner is now a capsule maker. Or at least you could understand this sentence it was this way for the old capsule designs too.
Maybe my English is just to bad.
If I remember correctly Dirk Brauner talked about a new capsule design he is doing, or wants to do, in house for a new mic design. Did this mic ever came out? I don't like this guy anyway … he is the 'Anti-Wuttke' for me … ;-)