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Nice people who make a good product with care. They also make OEM microphones for others - eg: microphones for Ambient and the capsules for Soundfield, etc...
And a connection with Josephson too. I recall an old Hi-Fi News mag interview with Josephson, that seemed to indicate that Josephson started out with with mics's or mic parts oem'd by MBHO. But from a 2005 Tape Op Mag interview (see snippet below) it appears that the oem-ing was going in the other direction :-)
Interview with Tape Op mag, 2005:
Q. What was the first thing you designed and built?

A. The company began in 1988 as kind of a joint venture with a small German microphone company, to design some products for them and sell them in the US. And we tried that for a couple of years and they ultimately got out of the business. That company has recently sold off the microphone business to some of its employees and you see it now on the market as MBHO. They're doing their traditional product line, but we started out not manufacturing those microphones. But by 1990 we began to take over the production of first the electronics and then the capsules. We just weren't able to get the quality we wanted and ended up having to do everything ourselves here. So it was a hard learning process, but we started with that as the basis, and by 1990 we were making our own designs.