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For the modular system, I found the 100DK have a little too much treble boost. But for organ it's ok. Not so good for voices and strings instruments. For these the 100LK is better depending of the acoustic and the distance.

Instead of the MBNM410 I would look at the Beyer MC910.
Thanks Mathieujm,

Is the MBNM410 less good than the 100DK with 604 or 648 preamp?

"100DK little too much treble boost/not so good for voices and strings."

Do you mean when miking at close range (less dan 3 meters) are also too much treble at 5 to 10 meter?

I think I will buy the DK version, to record in reverberant churches, at a big distance (organ).

e.g. In the st-LaurensKerk in Alkmaar I recorded with the Soundfield almost halfway the church.

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