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Old 29th April 2014
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Can I ask some expert question about MBHO?

I dislike when there's too much spot mikes mixed in, when soloist voice spot mikes are mono pasted on top of an orchestra it, with to much "s-harshness" , without blending them in the stereo picture with a MS stereo pickup etc etc.

I just had my first Schoeps MK2H experience. Liked it a lot. I can rent it, so no need to buy....

I want to buy something that's more sharp, to use at distance, together with my Soundfield.
tomorrow a 2nd hand DAV BG8 is arriving.

I do like DPA 4060, but it is too noisy, and MBHO offers cheaper omnis!!

I don't know if I prefer coloured are uncoloured mikes.
a modern mike with ultra low noise floor is of course cool. the Senn 8040 eg does not sound cold, bass response is OK. (haven't used 8020yet).

but MBHO is cheaper, and probably more reliable then DPA 4060....

is the cheapest mike MBNM 410CL (674 euro for a pair) as good as the modular ones?

I guess I'd opt for the cheapest body capsule combo:

MBP 648 w/Transformer + KA 100 DK Diffusefield Omni – 6dB peak at 8-9kHz for distant pu

in the coming years I can add the Linear Omni, and the LDC which fit on the same body.

how good is this LDC?