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Old 29th April 2014
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I rented a Schoeps MK2H omni pair this weekend as well as DPA 4060, a Schoeps ORTF, to check against my beloved SPS422 Soundfield.
I recorded 15 meters away from the organ, and 10/5/3/2 meters from voice. all mikes into Korg MR 1000.
monitored on Remote Audio HN7506, Beyer dt990, Stax and Genelec 1032.

For me they sound a bit different.

The MK2H is the best to translate the 16' gedackt pedal stop, but sounds a bit to dull, SN ratio is very good. I couldn't audition MK2S or MK3.
actually it is too bassy, and for voice it is too WHOOOMY heh

the DPA 4060 was providing the most detailed sound, but at close distance (less then 3 meters) it is way to sharp for voice. SN ratio is absolutely OK for organ. on the 8' gedackt + 1' it sounds really OK.

Soundfield is a bit more narrow than the spaced pairs. A bit more noisy then Schoeps. However it gives the most detailed reverb tail.

ORTF pair is OK, I didn't compare on the same location with the Senn 8040. I think the 8040 is warmer.

I have no opportunity so far to test the MBHO mikes.

reaaaally want to know if this budgetfriendly mikes sound OK for this application:

distant pickup where the direct and ambient sound is 50/50, in churches.

MBP 648 preamp w/Transformer 48V +
KA 100 DK Diffusefiled Omni – 6dB peak at 8-9kHz for distant pu

I hear some people swearing by transformers. This MBP 648 preamp has it , and it is cheaper than transformerless alternatives!