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Originally Posted by clordalge View Post
Whoever the holy mountain is I have news for you !

My lawyer will be calling you about this and we will have a discussion about
how your making money referring to gear i use and how yours is supposed to be a copy of it

This is bull**** what your doing is taking advantage of a situation
out of pure greed

I can confirm that my tech did not modify any units to match mine

so you lied to the buyer....

We sell equipment to share things we use with other promising engineers
a way to give back and make a little money based on rarity , etc

I believe in doing the right thing in our community especially now

i make money making music sound good and I have to earn it with
every song.... every day

the only "mod" i have is my ears

everything else is just luck !!

This is an old thread but I need to clear the air here and make my point

Chris Lord-Alge

Thanks for chiming in. And welcome anytime.