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Glad you found a solution.
Hardware-hardware issues can be annoying, but then you end up with a lot of spare parts after searching.

I have some info regarding E-MU E4 series samplers and their ears, and since I couldn't find this information anywhere on teh interwebs, I thought I'd post it here so someone else doesn't to guess what hardware they need.

I finally tracked down some rack ears for my 6400 Ultra, but didn't receive all the screws required to fasten to the body of the sampler.

I picked up some new stainless steel screws, hopefully stronger than the generic zinc plated ones (maybe) and won't cause any unwanted corrosion with the metal body of the sampler (galvanic corrosion, probably only if I use the sampler immersed in salt water or something.

(4) screws 8-32 3/8" long per rack ear
(4) split washers per rack ear

I'd say only about 3-4 threads bite into the internal frame of the sampler, and it required a bit more forward force (to compress the split washer) before the first thread would bite.
I believe the original screws had an captured locking washer (the ones that are * shaped). Of the 4 that came with my rack ears, 3 were pretty much stripped to the point of being useless.

Hope this info is useful for someone.